Manufacture of wooden packaging

Main activities of Woodexpo is manufacture of wooden packaging. We offer manufacturing of packaging made of wood or wood-based materials (boxes, containers, trays, cases) for the warehousing of cargo, transport, storage of goods, etc. Wooden packing ensures the safety and integrity of goods in transit at any distance. Likewise, the packaging can be reused and easily be restored. Experience from previous years of trade allows us to provide a full cycle of packaging products of almost any size.
In accordance with the drawings of the client, we can manufacture wooden packaging of any complexity. We can discuss your packaging production in more detail, but for this we need the following information:

  • Dimensions of wooden packaging
  • Number of Units
  • Load capacity of packaging
  • The exact parameters of the material (thickness, width, length boards)
  • If the heat treatment is required (Basic requirement for shipment outside the EU)
  • Do you organize shipping yourself or will involve our vehicles
  • Photo or drawing of package